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    Input Text and trace




      I am trying to make a math equation in as2 for Flash. I want it so when someone enters a number into the input text box and presses the button, it adds up that number with another set number(5).


      This is the code that I have for the stage.


      var number2:Number = 5;

      var number1:Number = parseInt(text_txt.text);


      button_btn.onRelease = function()


          trace(number1 + number2);



      button_btn is the instance name button that I press.

      text_txt is the instance name for the input text


      In the output box is just says NaN(not a number). It doesn't matter what number I put in for the text box.


      When I switch the parseInt(text_txt.text) with a number it works perfectly fine but in that way it doesn't use the input text box


      Take in note that I am still very much a noob at Flash. I know very little about coding.


      Thanks in advance for whoever can help.