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    Dreamweaver silently detects syntax problem


      I have a .cfm file which I've been maintaining for a few years. Recently while editing the file in DW6, DW began to fail to recognize that the file is a Cold Fusion file.  Common keyboard shortcuts, both general and CF-specific just won't function.  Menu items under "Insert...ColdFusion Objects" are all disabled.


      After 90 minutes of progressively removing a few lines of code, saving and closing, then reopening the file, I tracked the problem down to the presence of 1 line of ColdFusion code.


      I happened to see at the bottom of the edit window (in the part of the status bar which shows CF code nesting) that <cfinvoke> was listed, where there was none in the file I was having trouble with.  It turns out the line of "bad" code was a <cfinclude>, and the file it referenced had a <cfinvoke> without a closing </cfinvoke>


      The reason for this long post under Dreamweaver, is that DW was clearly detecting a syntax problem, but instead of identifying the problem, it just stopped functioning normally, and acted in a truely weird way.


      I do NOT have "Enable Related Files" active.  For DW to wanter out into other files and gag on a syntax error, then not to report the problem, was totally unexpected.


      I consider the primary "bug" to be in failing to report the syntax error.  Secondarily, syntax checking in related files should probably be controlled by the "related files" preference option.


      This is DW CS6, v 12.1, build 5949.