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    How can I merge 2 text fields and have "and" appear only if there is text in Field 2?


      Hello all,


      I'm not very familiar with javascript at all. I'm new to this and I would appreciate any help I can get.


      I have the following fields:


      Text field 1

      Text field 2

      Text field 3

      merged text field.


      I need the merged text field to read either  "Text field 1" or, if there is text entered in the 2nd field it needs to read "Text field 1 and Text field 2" .


      If there is also text entered in Text field 3, the merged cell will read "Text field 1 , Text field 3" or "Text field 1 and Text field 2 , Text field 3"


      I only want the separators ("and" ",") to appear if there is data entered into Text field 2 and/or Text field 3.



      I hope this makes sense.


      Thank you!