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    Sound is missing from some clips - but plays when moved...

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      I've got a question about audio playback from the timeline of premiere pro 6.


      I'm currently editing a fast turn-around project with clips shot by different cameras, with different video and audio formats. PrePro seems to handle the different video formats just fine. However, when I mix different audio formats in the same timeline, only some of them will playback sound. I've been going crazy this afternoon, because these are all my natural sound clips. These clip would play fine in the browser, but then when I put it in the timeline there would be no sound. I'd delete the clip in the timeline and re-edit it back in - again no sound. Grrr.


      I found a fix by dragging the offending audio to a different track, because for whatever reason, it would then play. Does this mean I can't mix audio formats in the same track, or is this some other kind of operator error? I'm pretty sure I have all the right buttons turned on - but maybe I've overlooked something?


      For those who want to know, the audio files are 48000 Hz-Compressed (from the Sony FS-700) and 48000 HZ-16-bit-stereo from the EX1. I also realized belatedly that most of the footage was shot at 23.976 fps, and a small amount was at 29.97 fps on a Sony Z1U. I dumped it all in the same project. As I said earlier, its a fast turn around situation.