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    Can't Save Preferences Because File is Locked?

    debrafish Level 1

      I just had to reinstall after a wipe of my Mac.  Program opens, I can use it, but when I quit it I get this message:


      Could not save preferences because the file is locked or you do no have the necessary privilieges.  Use the "get info" command in the Finder to unlock or change permissions on the file or enclosing folders.


      I went into Applications, right clicked on the CS5 icon, which brought up the "get Info" box.  At the bottom, under Sharing & Permissions it says I have custome access; Me: read & write

      System, read & write

      Admin, read & write

      everyone, read only


      On the "everyone" the only choices I have are read only, write only or no access.


      How can I fix this?