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    Can't choose different drive for cache

    reindeer4 Newcomer

      I'm using Adobe Master Suite 6 on a Windows 7, 64 bit system.


      Upon opening the program, I received a warning about cache getting too full.


      I went under preferences to choose one of my other hard drives, but I'm not able to navigate to another hard-drive - only to my desktop or other folders on the default C drive. 


      I don't see anywhere that I can simply type in a different drive letter.


      Do I need to add a favority with links to another drive?  Or some other way to go from C: to E: ?



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          Mylenium Legend

          You could hack the prefs file in a text editor but before doing that, perhaps simply flush everything using the buttons on the prefs panel. Also do this with no project open of course. And finally, verify that you actually have enough space and proper user permissions on whatever otehr drive/ folder you paln on using.



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            dreaminkiss Newcomer

            Can you take a screenshot of the [Choose Folder] Dialog please?
            Also, when you open the [Choose Folder] dialog, do you see the
            [your user folder]



            Let us know everything that you see, and a screenshot will help out a lot with this as well.

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              reindeer4 Newcomer

              No, I don't see Computer listed - that's the problem.  And I haven't been able to find My Computer by expanding the varied directories either (like Desktop or Favorites)  I don't know if there's a shortcut or some other way to force it to look on other hard drives.


              Here are a couple of screen shots:





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                Mylenium Legend

                Have you verified your permissions, user privileges and group policies? If you can't get out of your user home directory, you must be restricted in some way....



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                  reindeer4 Newcomer

                  Hi - thanks for the replies.


                  Mylenium, this is my home computer, windows 7, 64 bit.  I am the administrator, and I tried right clicking and opening After Effects CS6 as administrator, without a project, but still see no way to access my other drives (no "my Computer showing up as shown in screenshots above).


                  Is there a way I can verify my permissions, privileges, and group policies to make sure none of that got messed up (even though I'm guessing it shouldn't apply in this circumstance)?


                  Of note, I do have a Desktop that shows up within my first Desktop hierarchy - not sure if that points to whatever the problem might be.  I do not have a folder called Desktop on my Desktop - and not really sure what that duplication represents.


                  You'd also mentioned the possibility that I could hack my preferences with a text editor (though I'd rather figure out what's wrong and get it working the right way)


                  Thanks for any help.


                  Thanks for any suggestions.