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    Export from CS6 is crashing (more often than not)


      Almost every time I Export from CS6 it crashes.

      I'm mainly exporting H.264 @ 720p & 1080p with Android, YouTube & Vimeo presets, but it also crashes using WMV.


      I thought I'd try it with GPU acceleration turned off, but no difference.




      • Premiere Pro version: (from Creative Cloud app manager).
      • Windows 7 64bit (SP1).
      • Various source footage from: iPhone MOV, DVCAM (AVI) and 1080p H.264 from Canon 5D MkII.
      • Error messages are either 'Error compiling movie'  or the application stops responding.
      • Other software running includes Crashplan, Bulldog AV and monitor calibration.
      • No third-party effects or codecs are installed.
      • QuickTime is up to date.



      • Core i7 3770 @3.4GHz (Ivy Bridge)
      • 8GB RAM
      • Asus P8Z77-M mobo
      • Hazro 27" monitor @ 2560x1440
      • OCZ Agility SSD
      • GeForce GTX 460 (Mercury GPU enabled)