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    Quick Logging Method (like FCP)?

    funkytwig Level 1

      Hi, ime switching from FCP 7 and would like to know the quickest way to log.  In FCP the quickest way seems to be to use marker.  These can be epanded in the bin showing them under eatch clip.  It is then verry simple to create subclips for eatch marker by simply dragging the markers to a new bin (end point is either next marker or end of clip).  This is quicker than subclips as dont have to mark end points and you stay in the preview window (i.e. you dont have to keep moving between Bin and preview window).


      Creating subclips stright from the clips may be only slightly slowwer but when you have 30 houres of interviews it all ads up?


      Was wondering howit is best to log in Premiere?