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    Change duration of multiple clips "as one" overall clip?

    27POP27 Level 1

      Here's my situation:

      I have a song at 127 BPM. I have a music video (muted sound) at 125 BPM.


      I've spent a long time slicing up clips from the video into different channels and muliple clips to form one timeline (but with many clips and channels lined up).

      I now want to change the overall duration of the video clip to match the BPM of the song (which I should have done in the first place), but the video is, as previously stated, sliced up in mulitple clips in multiple channels. How can I change the duration of all clips at one time, where the end and start of the clips still line up to eachother?


      This would've been incredibly easy if there were a un-nesting feature. Where I can nest multiple clips, change the duration, and un-nest the clips to slices clips with a changed overall duration. (Which is not possible. Yes, I can drag the clips out of the nested clip, but the clips will still have the original duration).



      TL;DR: How can I change duration of multiple clips "as one" overall clip?