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    What do end-users need to be able to save changes to forms?

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      Just wondering: I made a nice form in InDesign CS6. When I open it with

      Acrobat I'm able to fill in the form and save it. But I understand that

      this is not possible with Acrobat Reader. So I tried "enabling the PDF

      for commenting in Reader" in Acrobat. But when I do that, although I can

      add comments in Reader, it becomes impossible to fill in the form.


      Having said that, since I do not want to install Reader on my machine

      alongside Acrobat, instead I installed Reader on a Windows XP Virtual

      Machine -- though I wouldn't have thought that should make any

      difference. But it maybe it does.


      Anyway, is it in fact the case that the only way to save a filled-in PDF

      form is to buy the full Acrobat?





      Windows 7 Ult 64-bit, with Acrobat 7 and InDesign CS6.