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    Dreamweaver wont start

    Thisispathetic Level 1



      I am not a happy bunny I have spent most of the day installing CS6 and yet it still does not load.


      I deleted cs5 installed cs6, nothing so I uninstalled CS6 and got the suite cleaner as I thought some old root files from cs5 may be causing a conflict, so reinstalled cs6 and yet it still does not load, I then removed all of my adobe products and cleaned everything out, reinstalled cs6 and yep you guessed it.


      I am running it on xp and the pc is way above the system requirements, now I have two problems CS6 wont run and I have deleted all my cs5 products, if  I cannot get it to load where do I get a copy of CS5 as I had a full licenced version and have deleted everything as I was just trying cs6 to purchase as I fancied an upgrade and like some of the features cs6 brings.


      Any help appreciated, I have no error logs as all tht happens is egg timer for 3 seconds then nothing/.

      Widget manager loads fine....if that really makes any difference