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    editing photos in one track without altering video in another?


      Using Premier Elements 11, and working with an uploaded video with music. I am superimposing photos/videos on top of it. When I edit or move around the photos in the higher tracks, it messes up the audio by inserting breaks/cuts. I want the audio/video to run continuously in the background. Is there a way to lock the video so it can't be edited, while I move around the clips in the tracks above it?

      And, a related question: I've placed a photo where I want it in relation to the video track. Is there a way to lock it in at that point in the video so that when I edit photos on the same track before that one, it doesn't shift everything down?

      I've read on this forum that one can use the Ctrl key, but that trick doesn't seem to keep things from shifting around on the timeline in this case. Specifically, if I shorten the length of a clip, it slides everything after it to the left, whether or not I hold down the alt or ctrl key.