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    Screenshots using free ware "Shotty" unravels in Premiere Pro


      I'm using Shotty- a free screen capture program- to take screen shots of different pages of a website for a training video.


      Shotty let's you choose many different file types to export/save your screenshot as. I've chosen PNG.


      I import the PNG screenshots into Premiere CS6.


      Once i premiere the screenshots start to fall apart when I play them in the timeline or render them.

      By falling apart, I mean that they appear to lose a tremendous amount of quality and start getting fuzzy as if some funky blurr is being applied to them.


      Here's what I've tried.


      Media Encoder: changed the PNG's to other file types before importing into premiere 6.

      Photoshop: changed the PNG's to other file types and resolutions before importing into premiere 6.


      I don't see why premiere doesn't see this as just another PNG file. (I've used PNG alot and they work just great.)


      The problem: I believe is either with the software- shotty- and whatever it uses to actually create the screenshot. Or it's actually premiere?


      What I haven't done is actually export snapshots from shotty as other file types to begin with such as JPEGs etc. I'll try that.


      Specs: Shotty and CS6-Creative Cloud, Windows 7, Asus Z77, 16Gb, GTX680, SSD.