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    Having trouble fading text

    Andrew Dalton



      I'm trying to fade text from top to bottom using a path I have always followed, but isn't working now:


      1. Select the layer the text is on

      2. Create Fill or Adjustment Layer > select Gradient from the drop-down menu

      3. Click on the Gradient bar to bring up the options

      4. Adjust opacity, direction, colour > OK


      When I create the Fill or Adjustment layer and select Gradient, the gradient is applied to the whole document rather than just the text on the layer I've selected.


      My text is white against a blue background and I'd like it to fade out as in the attached picture. I have tried selecting the gradient "Foreground to Transparent", but can't get past the stage where that is applied to the whole document.


      Can anyone suggest what's going wrong?





      Fading text.jpg