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    PE11 Dual Monitor Workspace Concerns

    A.T. Romano Level 7

      Until proven otherwise, use of “Dual Monitor” in a Premiere Elements project has undergone some drastic changes and limitations going from version 10 to 11. We wonder if this situation is my design or due to oversight. And, there appears to be no user control to adjust what is, sort of going back to version 10 as the video editor. Major concerns:


      1. Dual Monitor Workspace option is available only in the Expert view.
      2. Timeline panel is the only movable panel and that is done automatically with the choice of Window Menu/Dual Monitor Workspace. The program does allow for moving media from Project Assets (monitor 1) to the Timeline (monitor 2) on a permanent basis as well as the temporary movement of dialogs from monitor 1 to 2, such as Audio Mixer, display for disc menus. The project that is saved from the Dual Monitor setup and reopened to that same Dual Monitor setup, does not display anything but the screensaver for monitor 2. The Timeline panel (still in an undocked state) is displayed on monitor 1 where it was not at the save. To get the Timeline panel back on the second monitor, even though the Timeline panel is in an undocked state in monitor 1, one clicks Window menu/Dual Monitor Workspace and the Timeline is back on monitor 2.


      As a reminder of the way it is in Premiere Elements 10…..


      In Premiere Elements 10 Timeline or Sceneline view, the user could select Window Menu/Show Docking Headers to undock many of the workspace panels, allowing them to be dragged with the mouse cursor to a second monitor and leaving the rest of the program’s workspace on the primary monitor. If that project was saved, closed, reopened in the same dual monitor Premiere Elements set up, all was remembered as it was at save. That included Timeline or Sceneline view, whatever was on monitor 2, and whatever was on monitor 1.

      Much different story in Premiere Elements 11.


      The observations above were made with Premiere Elements 10 and 11, same program settings, both on the same Windows 7 64 bit computer and using the same second monitor. More details upon request.


      Is this what it is or is there an adjustment in Premiere Elements 11 that has been overlooked here.





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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Nope. The Dual Monitor mode simply breaks the timeline off into a separate panel.


          No other panels can be undocked from the interface in version 11.

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            A.T. Romano Level 7



            Thanks for the reply.


            I have seen your Dual Monitor Workflow feature comment in another thread, but, until I looked at this myself before I wrote the thread here, I did not realize the extent of the loss of the Premiere Elements 10 aspects of its Show and Hide Panels counterpart and what that allowed the user to do if he/she opted for dual monitors incorporated into the setup.


            If we are to accept the Expert viewTimeline panel ONLY move associated with PE11 Window Menu/Dual Monitor Workflow, I am faced with the other part of this equation, that is, having the dual monitor project saved, closed, and reopened and displaying in the Dual Monitor system.only in the primary monitor. The situation then requires some adjustments before moving forward with the project in the dual monitor setup (please refer to initial post for details). Can I assume from your reply that you, like I, cannot find any way to remedy this latter situation, that is, save, close, and reopen this type of project with the monitor 2 and 1 displaying as they did  when the project was saved?