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    How to set particle colors with Layer Exploder

    carolgunn Level 1

      WOO HOO! Let's blow something up!


      Effect created with Particle Playground Layer Exploder. Why are my particles pink, lavender and white? I would like them to be red, white and blue. I have the "CELEBRATING" layer set as the layer to explode. The layer is mostly white, with a red outline and a blue glow (hard to see on this blue background.) It seems the color of the particles is a combination of the layer colors, red+white (pink) and red+blue+white (lavender). I don't see any way to set the colors. The layer I have the effect applied to is a white shape layer -- could that be what is causing the pastels? What if that layer were black? or red? I suppose that will be my next experiment unless someone can tell me how to set the particle colors in the first place. My version is CS6.





      --Carol Gunn