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    Notes on working with Edge and Indesign for iPad


      Hi Everyone, I've been working with a 13 page InDesign CS6 file on my Mac, almost every page has an Edge animation. The goal is to publish it via Adobe DPS to a small group of (less than 10) people. It's a sales tool to explain a product.


      I've done some light searching, but haven't found these issues mentioned elsewhere, so I thought I'd document them here in case others run into the same problem.


      Multiple Edge .OAM files in an InDesign page do not work. It worked in the Preview versions, but not in version 1.0. It's best to consolidate all animations to one box.


      Do not place any any InDesign text or graphics over the graphic box containing your Edge Animate file. The Edge file will override your InDesign elements no matter how your layers are setup.


      Keep all your Edge Animate files in one folder, make sure all graphics have unique names or else you will see the wrong graphic showing up in other animations. I started off trying to be organized, having one folder per Edge animation, after page 6 in my InDesign file, all the Edge animations stopped displaying on the iPad. I had a panic attack, then consolidated all my Edge and .OAM files to one folder and the animations worked again.


      Currently, to preview your work on the iPad while plugged into the Mac (as of today, only available on the Mac), you must be in the folio view, not the article view in the Folio Builder. Then choose the "Preview" button t the bottom of that window and choose your device name.


      I'll add to this list as I run into and resolve other problems.