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    Source and Program windows not playing back?

    Aaron Mulqueen Level 1

      Hey guys, looking for a bit of help, I'm new to this video stuff but have a basic understanding of the program. In one project both the Source and Program windows will not playback from the transport Play button, both windows will however Scrub. These files have previously played back in the same project with no issues, for instance .m2v, .avi, .mts .mov and .aep files. Importing these clips to a new project for a short time resolves the issue before playback fails. Other projects playback with expected behaviour. Any tips or preferences needing trashing? Seems as if the project is corrupt. 


      Mercury Playback Engine is software only, running a nVidia GTX 560 with latest drivers, Windows 7 Pro 64 with latest updates and CS 6 Production Premium with latest updates. Intel Bloomfield Core i7-930 (LGA 1366) with 24 GB 1333 RAM. Camcorder Sony NEX VG-20 (PAL).


      Aaron Mulqueen