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    Audio won't play in PDF

    FD - NZ

      My MP3 files will not play in an Adobe Interactive PDF when exported from my InDesign working document. They play fine using the ID 'Preview' and also when exported as a Flash Player (SWF) file. I have followed all the instructions as best I can, which seem very straight forward, so what stupid little thing am I overlooking? I haven't done this before.


      Help and advice will be much appreciated,

      Thank you. FD

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          Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          What version of InDesign? What operating system? What PDF viewer are you using? (Adobe Reader? Adobe Acrobat? Apple Preview?)

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            FD - NZ Level 1

            Gee, that was quick Steve!


            InDesign CS5.5

            Desktop iMac OS X 10.8.1 (12B 19) Whatever that means?!

            Only checked it with the Apple Preview after exporting.



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              Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              The problem is Apple Preview. It DOESN'T properly preview multimedia. Try in Acrobat or Reader.

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                BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                InDesign's preview panel is for SWF only.



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                  FD - NZ Level 1

                  Thanks Bob, Steve, you are both right!

                  I always understood that PDF readers were more or less equal, but that is obviously not the case. In fact far from it!


                  I wanted my PDF embedded audio to be able to play on Apple mobile devices. The iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch etc so I tried out a few applications from their store. Actually quite a few, and none of the so called professional and more expensive ones worked.


                  For those that are interested I found that the 'ezPDF Reader' did the job admirably. In fact it was the only one that managed to play a multimedia file at all on my iPad, and iPhone/iPod Touch. And it was about the cheapest one too! It's a cross-platform application too. Hopefully more PDF Reader developers will upgrade their programs in future to be able to do this.


                  Thanks again for your advice and I am now a happy chappie, even if it did cost me a few dollars in purchasing Apps that were not suitable.

                  FD from NZ

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                    Petteri_Paananen Level 4

                    Have you thought to use HTML5 instead of PDF? Then your users may use iOS default Safari web-browser for reading your document. And you can add media clips as well.

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                      FD - NZ Level 1

                      Thanks for your suggestion Petteri_Paananen.


                      I'm afraid I don't know much about HTML5, excepting that it seems to be developing into the way of the future. You may be able to advise me? What I am wanting to do is to mail the odd small web publication that is viewable across as many platforms as possible. I'd like to be able to do my basic layouts in InDesign, which I love using. I am getting my head around it and enjoy laying out my text and making it look interesting. I'm not too worried about fancy aninmated headings etc. but would like to include small audio and video clips and of course interesting photos. Maybe eventually working towards some ePub and Kindle publications as well? I would also like to include much of the data on my website, which at present I do little with.


                      Now with that in mind in what direction should I head? I would still like to retain InDesign as my primary laying out application and trust that it will be steadily moving towards HTML5 functionality.


                      All suggestions greatfully received. I live way out in the backblocks of NZ so I don't get much opportunity talking with people who understand these things. A lot of them wouldn't know that world existed! Sometimes that's not a bad thing, but I guess time, and technology, moves on and it will eventually catch up with them.


                      Thank you, FD