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    Audio & Video not synchronized on .avi (h.264) clip

    brainstewn Level 1

      Hi Pro's


      Thank you in advance for taking the time read my question.


      Using Tipard Conversion software, I converted the .mts file from the Canon HF M31 camera to .avi (h.264) with audio.  The new video file is perfectly syncronized when playing in AVC or Windows Media Player.


      But when I place that converted .avi file on the CS6 Premiere Pro timeline it becomes unsynchronized.  I tried imported directly from the camera but APPro CS6 does not import the audio.


      1. Is there a better  format to convert to, versus .avi (h.264)?


      Any help perfecting how to get the video (with audio) off my Canon HFM31 and onto APPro's timeline would be greatly appreciated.


      Thanks in advance for your reply.