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    How do I get rid of an ugly white line around areas of type?

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      Hello InDesign forum,


      Attached is a screenshot of a pdf file I created of a brochure I designed.

      Actually, it's just one panel of that brochure. In that panel there are unsightly white lines that appear around areas of type.

      I have yet to find a way to get rid of them, and I'm not sure what causes them.


      The brochure started out as an InDesign CS5 file and then I converted it to a .pdf file so it would be print-ready for PSPrint, Alpha Graphics, or a similar printing facility.


      Any advice you can share about what is causing these lines, and how to get rid of them, would be very helpful and much appreciated. Thanks!



      ugly white hairline outlines.png

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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          It is one of two things. Either the frames actually have a stroke applied to them, or they have some sort of transparency effect and you are flattening the transparency in the PDF and these are transparency flattening artifacts called "stitching." From the screen capture it looks as if it might even be both -- stroked frames onthe white type at the top, and stitching around the yellow type.


          If it's a stroke, set the stroke color to [None]. To eliminate stitching export to Acrobat 5 or higher compatibilty to keep the transparency live. Stitching doesn't usually show up in press output, but it may in lower-resolution digital prints.