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    Warp Stabilizer - focus / blurring issue

    federatedfilms Level 1

      I have some Canon 5D Mk II 1080p (25 frames per second) footage. A 90 second long shot on a steadycam from the back of a car  following a guy on a motor bike.


      There is a bit of mild shake going on and so I tried Warp Satablizer in Premier Pro CS6.0.2 (Mac OS Mountain Lion), which smoothed the shot out quite well.


      But it does generate a side effect of the shot almost going out of focus for a half second or so about every 4 or 5 seconds. Looking at the footage it's as if the frames are blurring into each other as the stablizer tries to work out whats going on. I tried reducing the Crop Less - Smooth More setting to 50% and that reduced the crop but still left with the focus issue.


      Any tips on how to reduce this blurring effect.