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    Composition Length Auto Created from Premiere Pro




      I am using CS5.5 and have a question in regards to my current project.  I have about 55 pictures on the time line in premiere pro.  I set their duration to 15 seconds for each.  I then highlighted them all and "created a composition in after effects".  This opened a project in AE and created a master comp that had all of the pictures staggered in nice sub comps for all photos.  Everything is good as of now.....What i want to do is to go into each of the 15 second picture comps and create motion effects/text effects etc.  So i double click on the created comp.  Here is where I get lost.  The comp length for an individual photo is the ENTIRE length of the 55 photos.  When there are a few hundred thousand frames I cannot find the exact timing to set keyframes and animations....I roughly threw them some in for trial and it is working well but what I need to be able to do is only see the 15 seconds of each comp in the work area so I can easily see my timings etc.  Can anyone please help me set this up so each 15 second picture comp is the only thing viewable in the work area.  I have tried zooming in on the work area and all of that but it is not precise either.