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    Importing 12bit Audio on 2 Channels

    Desmond Lowry

      Hope you can point me in a direction to correct the following issue.


      I am using a Canon XL2 and I would like to import two audio recordings into Premiere CS6. The audio recordings have been captured simulteneously using the front microphone. The second audio captured via a wireless microphone (mono). The audio set up in the Canon XL2 is set to 12bit CH1/2 CH3/4


      When importing via Capture on Premiere and subsequently import the video/audio file, the audio file info states - 3200Hz 16 Bit - 4 Stereo. When the clip is placed in the timeline, only one stero channel is imported. The mono chanel with the second audio channel has not been imported. I tried to moify the audio channel properties but with no success. In the past I imported a similar clip into Premiere CS5.5. This imported a similar clip into four seperate mono tracks.


      I am using a Mac version of Premiere CS6


      Any suggestions?


      Thanks for taking the time to read this post!