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    Slow Playback and Scrubbing on Fast System in Premiere CS6

    TheHeavyTheory.com Level 1

      I own a Eurocom desktop replacement laptop.


      2 Nvidia 580m running in SLI

      24 gigs of DDR3 ram

      4 internal SSD

      Intel I7 990x Extreme CPU (6 cores)


      Last time I checked my video cards were not certified for the Mercury Playback Engine, but surely I should not see solid red in the sequence window. It's always red, in fact I've never even seen the color yellow while using Premiere.

      I'm new to video, I'm a retoucher and this machine annhialates Photoshop. I wish I had gotten a Quattro level set of cards instead of the top GeFore model (at the time).

      Scrubbing is sluggish. When I have tried using a single filter like a gaussian blur with some keyframes it became unbearably slow so I stopped trying. This is bumming me out because I really love the software.


      Is there anything I could try to improve performance minus blowing a wad of cash?


      Thank you Friends.