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    Buttons die after Cancel on Save prompt ???


      Hi, Newby to JS  here who would greatly appreciate a little direction...


      I have several form pages in one menu driven document and use buttons to navigate. If a user closes and clicks "cancel" when asked to save changes, the buttons quit working??? The requirements call for initially hiding all menues and toolbars in full screen.

      To be clear- As a test, I started with a blank page and put one text field and one button only. In the button actions>mouse up>Run a JavaScript  I put app.alert("Hello");  which works of course. If I type "X' in the text field then try to close the app, but cancel at the Save Changes Prompt, the button is dead.

      and the user is left sitting there dead in the water...

      I can't believe it acts this way... Am I having a "Well DUH moment"?


      Is there a way to make it either go on and close the app or at least go back to the last page???