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    No Charts in Flex 3 Pro

      I just upgraded from Flex 2 (no charts) to Flex 3 Pro and I still get the watermark on the charts. Anyone have any idea how to remedy this?

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          Sreenivas R Adobe Employee
          Do you mean you have bought the licensed version and it is showing the watermark?
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            See4th Level 1
            The problem was that I built a project with FB beta 3 plugin with no chart license. Then I upgraded to FB3 Pro plugin and tried to import my project into a new workspace. Any combination of import or new workspace would not remove the watermark and would not let go of cached file paths for cfcs. I spent the entire day with this mess.

            The solution is actually quite ridiculous but it's the only way I could get the project to work.

            - Uninstall any versions of Flex Builder
            - Create a clean install directory of eclipse
            - Install FB into the new eclipse dir
            - Create a new workspace different than one you've created before
            - Create a new project (use the same name as the old project)
            - Close eclipse
            - Copy all the old project files over to the new dir
            - Open eclipse and add all your plugins back in
            - Since I had already added my License in the previous install it was not required again.

            Piece of cake?@?!*