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    Ive downloaded it and still wont let me do what i need too do


      I went on my facebook to play a game and it told me i had to download the 11.4 something so i clicked and downloaded it and went back after it went through and i went to play the game again and it yet still said that it wasnt downloaded, so i went back and did it again and still yet able to play the game or beable to get on youtube or any other web site too beable to look at vedios or anything cause it says i have to download this version and i have at leadt tried 5 times and it says it went through successful but yet still not able to play my games or anything and its really making me mad i cant do anything on here with out it and i keep downloading it and still not working what the hell do i do ... i have been at this since 9:30pm and it is now going on 12am in the morning ...