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    Different framing results

    steve etchie

      I have 1440x1080 footage taken from an AVCHD camera (that is now Prores HQ) and was working on in Final Cut Pro 7.  I took one of the clips directly from it's folder in the finder and imported it into a new After Effects (5.5) project.  I made a new comp with the settings shown in the picture (though I did try every other preset and pixel aspect ratio preset out of desperation).  This shows a totally different dimension than the original file (shown) and FCP (which displayed it perfeectly when I just threw the clip onto the timeline and had it confort the timeline settings to that of the clips).  The same thing happened when I tried to pull my FCP timeline into Resolve 9, though rather than lopping the sides off like AE has done in the picture, it just squished the picture to fit the dimension.  I would love to not only know how to fix this, but would love to know how different programs come up with a different shape for straightforward numerical dimension.  I don't see how this problem is even possible.

      Screen Shot 2012-10-14 at 9.07.14 PM.jpg

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          When you made the comp did you drag the video clip on the make new comp button?

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            steve etchie Level 1

            Originally I made the comp and dragged the video file down but I just tried dragging the file without making a comp and got the same result.  Probably something I should have thought checking in the first place, thanks!

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              Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              AE is just showing you the pixels. You can turn on Pixel Aspect Ratio Correction in the Comp window or you can change the Composition settings to 1080 X 1920 and square pixels and AE will make your footage fit automatically. The PAR correction is the first icon to the right of the View pulldown. You are seeing normal behavior.


              If you are doing 3D camera tracking, or using Mocha, or using warp stabilizer then it's important to keep the comp and the footage at the same frame size.

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                steve etchie Level 1

                I changed it to 1920x1080by choosing the HDTV1080 preset.  I had tried that before but wasn't sure it wasn't slightly warped and I just couldn't tell.  I guess I found the answer earlier but didn't realize that it was the answer.  I'm glad I asked though, because it brought forth another question.  If the dimensions are different, why ISN'T the image warped when I make it 1920 rather than 1440?  Luckily I didn't need to do Mocha or anything.  I would have jumped off my roof already had that been the case (which wouldn't actually have been that big a deal considering I live in a one story house).  Thanks again!  Now I just need to figure out how to fix it in resolve.