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    Editable Dyanamic and Printable?

      I am currently trying to create a system that will pull data and display it in a printable format...i need it to also be editable either before of after the transfer to printable format...i thought i could use flashpaper and edit the document but have been unssuccessful. Does anyone know a way to do this or have any ideas, my only other one was to edit the data before creating the cfdocument but due to the process these are being used in that would be a highly undesirable route...please help?!

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          did you ever figure this out? i'm trying to take the first 3 pages of any word or excel file hosted on my server and dynamically create a flashpaper document from that. is it possible? any ideas how?
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            BHK4 Level 1
            I never did solve this problem, but in playing around with it you might try using cfhttp to get the content of the page your are tyring to view and then putting the output in a cfdocument....i know this works for outputting normal html pages and the like...not sure if it will work with a word/excel file but it might be worth playing with

            let me know how its out

            good luck