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    iphone sees laptop but not vice versa

    Ole Meierhenrich



      hope you can help me.


      My environment:


      - Laptop with fresh installed Win7 Enterprise SP1

      - Chrome 22

      - Adobe Edge Inspect Chrome Plugin 1.0.335

      - Adobe Edge Inspect Application running and logged in

      - Iphone4s with iOS 5 (only with Data SIM, no 3G)

      - Adope Edge Inspect App 1.0.312


      - Both devices in same WLAN


      The iPhone App sees the Laptop (after about 5 minutes) but can not connect: "Error connecting. tap to retry"

      Useless to say i can tap till my fingers are bleeding ... the message appears again and again.


      The Chrome Plugin says "Waiting for connection...".

      Switch is "On" and it shows the name and ip of the laptop


      Even if i try to connect manually via entering laptop name or ip on the app a connections can not be established; "Connection unsuccessful, please try again"

      Maybe mentionable that trying via name the message appears after less than a second, via ip after 5-10 seconds.


      Further mobile devices: Samsung S3, HTC Sensation (also both in same WLAN)

      Both can't find the laptop and, of course, a connection can not be established.


      Recommendations? Questions? Need further information?


      thx & BR

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          Matt M Johnson Adobe Employee


          Can you verify whether you have a firewall running on your PC?  If so, can you make sure that it is open for Edge Inspect on port 7682?


          Additionally, is there anything in your WLAN configuration that may prevent communication between devices on the network?  For example, if you have a local web server on your Win 7, can you access it using the native browser on your devices?




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            Ole Meierhenrich Level 1

            Hi Matt,


            after checking firewall and other security tools and consulting or IT department (both took several hours) with no result i used a portscanner and a networktrafficanalyser to find the cause.

            Result: Novell ZENworks blockt the port.


            ZENworks removed IN works fine.


            Thanks & BR

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