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    go to URL weirdness...heads up

    Luke L PSA

      Hi all,


      I had a click box today that went to a url, pretty straight forward.


      The URL existed, and verfied it before testing.   However once I tested the project, it would not for the live of my work.  Even though the URL was 100% right when it popped up in the new window.  I would simply copy the URL and then paste it into a new window and it was fine.


      I played around with this for an hour and found that somehow the URL when I copied it from the URL box in captivate to the browse had some mysterios '??' in it...eg www.google???.com   I simply removed that in the URL and copied and pasted that back into the URL box in captivate.   Then it worked perfectly.


      Just thought I might share just in case someone ended up in the same boat.


      Many thanks



      Luke Low