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    Problem in Importing MS Word 2010 (.docx) file into Indesign CS5 and 5.5: Is this is a BUG?

    Green4ever Level 3

      Platform Indesign CS5 and 5.5 in windows xp professional SP3. Core2DUO, i3 and 2GB RAM. Word 2010 installed.


      1.  Consider a word 2010 (.docx) file which has the following:

           Fiel Codes, word inbuilt equation object, graphs. (Note: No track changes)

      2.  Place the word file into indesign.

      3. I scared the equation object and the graph objects are missing.

      4. Again scroll down to few pages then I scared again.The field codes are imported as text in many places but not all.


      These things are messed up me and made me to rework the entire file again. Is this is a bug? Or we need to something else for this.