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    Horozontal line on RAW file from D800

    rjbphoto1 Level 1

      I'm getting a strange horozontal line (sometimes 2 lines) on my D800 RAW files when opened from Bridge into Camera Raw - see picture 1


      picture 1.JPG

      If I open the same file in Windows picture Viewer there are no lines - see picture 2 - Note, this is the same file but from my backup drive and has never been opened in Adobe

      picture 2.JPG

      Any ideas...?

      I've applied all the latest updates to Photoshop. At first I thought either my camera was broken or the memory card corrupted but the file that has not been near Adobe is OK.

      I can see the lines in Bridge when I enlarge the view. If I open the file that has never been near Adobe straight to ACR (bypassing Bridge) the lines appear in ACR