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    Importing Chinese/Japanese/Korean/Arabic from Word to Indesign CS5.5 ME Edition

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      I am currently working on 13 languages leaflet, and I am importing my word documents in using Paragraph Styles direct in to my document. The document I am producing is one continuos story, and I need to introduce Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Arabic to the document.


      I am using the Middle Eastern version of Indesign, so it can handle the text. But when I bring in the Word Document it totally ignores the Paragraph Styles for the text and places in with the font used within word.


      I need to bring in the text as follows,


      Chinese     MHei Light/Bold

      Japan          DFGothicPStd W2/W5

      Korean          SMGothicStd Light/Bold

      Arabic          GeezaPro Regular/Bold


      Is it the formatting of the Word Document I need to concentrate on, or the way I introduce this in to InDesign?


      The styles I want work if I set them by hand, but I need them to work when importing the Word Document as I have many of these to produce,