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      I installed the Adobe Photoshop CS6 (Trial) and now from my PC outgoing a lot of requests to adress www-du1.adobe.com? Is it normal, what does it means? I'm a student and I have original student license for Photoshop CS3 Extended CZ and now I could try new version, thanks for answers...Martin

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          Noel Carboni Level 8

          Adobe Photoshop is a web-aware (web-integrated) application, and it interacts with Adobe's servers to do things like validate your license, check for software updates, request Help information, populate extension panels.  There are some configuration options that govern some parts of these features.


          Without knowing what you're doing in more detail when you're seeing these web accesses it's not really possible to say what specific activities you're doing that causes such accesses, but I wouldn't be alarmed about accesses to adobe.com.