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    Fireworks Pdf Export page is 4 times too large

    Chris.Horgan Level 1



      Using Fireworks CS5, when exporting a PDF using File>Export - the PDF document size is wrong for resolutions other than 72dpi.


      If I make a 300dpi graphic, 10cm x 20cm and export as a pdf - it becomes a 41.7cm x 83.3cm PDF document. It grows 4 times (which looks similar to the ratio 72/300 px).


      If you are only working in 72dpi - it is fine. But that resolution is no good for printing.


      But if you need to send something to the printers, and they only accept PDF - you are stuffed. In my case today, I'm trying to upload a pdf onto a disc copying website for digital processing.


      I've had this problem for many years - since CS4. Raised it a few times with adobe support- but didn't get a solution.


      I'm not talking about the display (edit>preferences>page display>resolution). I'm talking about Document size.


      (To see the real document size in acrobat - I use file>print and set the page scale to "none". Acrobat then displays the Document size)


      To work around this bug, I've had to buy a 3rd party tool to resize my PDF's (verypdf ). I cannot find a way to easily resize the document in Acrobat 9 either .



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          groove25 Level 4

          What operating system are you using? Have you tried submitting a bug report about this?




          It sounds like you've found a good workaround. If the PDF format were not absolutely essential to you, I'd suggest simply exporting your file in the PNG32 format for printing purposes.


          Also, if you're doing a lot of print work, you're better off using a print-oriented application like Illustrator or Photoshop. You'll also get better PDF output from those applications.


          In fact, you've aroused new suspicion in me concerning Fireworks' PDF output. In addition to the resolution/print size issue that you've noted, I'm noticing that text and vectors have a fuzzy, double anti-aliased appearance in some contexts. (I'm not sure whether this appears when printing or not.)