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    InDesign Shortcuts - Image Frames


      I have images placed over 200 pages (1 image per page). So far, I've been going to each page and manually adjusting the frame to the margins, but is there an easier way? I know there's a shortcut to expand the picture to fill the image frame, but is there a shortcut to automatically adjust the frame to the specified document margins? I couldn't find anything online, but I thought people here would know better what I'm talking about than a generic search engine.

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          BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          You would have done better with a master frame that you could have placed those images in.




          What you want to do now could probably be scripted. You may want to pop over to the scripting forum and see if anyone there can help.





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            Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

            A master page with a placeholder frame would be the way to go, but you can speed up things a little bit now with exisiting frames by fixing one, then go on to the next page (or spread) and select the image frames, then from the Object menu choose Transform Again > Transform Sequence Individually (which will do each select frame separately).

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              bnies813 Level 1

              Good point - Thanks!! I forgot you could do that with picture frames. I'll do that with the remaining pictures. I'm only in the beginning stages, there's no specific order, yet, to my pages, so I could easily make the adjustment to the remaining images.


              I had a feeling there wasn't a specific shortcut.

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                [Jongware] Most Valuable Participant

                No such function is built-in.


                Try this Javascript. It messes a bit with 'facing pages', because (uh) that way it's way easier to code. I'm assuming you want to (a) enlarge each graphic frame to your page size, and (b) you want to fill it with your image, scaled to fit.


                prefs = app.activeDocument.documentPreferences;
                props = { geometricBounds:[0,0,prefs.pageHeight,prefs.pageWidth] };
                facing = prefs.facingPages; prefs.facingPages = false;
                for (i = 0, graphic; graphic = app.activeDocument.allGraphics[i]; i++)
                 graphic.parent.properties = props, graphic.parent.fit(FitOptions.FILL_PROPORTIONALLY);
                prefs.facingPages = facing;
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                  bnies813 Level 1

                  Thanks! I'll give this a try as well. I don't think I've used that transform sequence command before.

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                    bnies813 Level 1

                    Thanks everyone!!! It looks like I have some options here. I'll give all this a try and see which works better for the point I'm at in my project.