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    How can I disable viewing of PDF-files in browser in Adobe Reader XI?

    Boholdt Level 1

      Hi everyone


      After I have upgraded to Adobe Reader XI, I not longer can find the checkbox under settings>Internet, where I can disable that Adobe Reader XI viewing PDF-files in my browser.

      If I instead press on the button, I can see in the dialog box Adobe refers to an article there give me instruction to turn off the viewing of PDF-files via my browser settings. When I follow these instructions, I can see that the plug-in to Adobe is disabled when I not viewing PDF-files in my browser, and enabled when I viewing PDF-files in my browser.



      1. 1. Why has Adobe removed the checkbox where I can disable viewing of PDF-files in my browser?
      2. 2. How can I now disable and enable viewing of PDF in my browser?


      My operating system is Windows 7 64-bit, and my browser is Internet Explorer 8.


      Very thanks.