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    Problems with Flash Player


      I am having continual problems resulting in my computer crashing or even starting up. I have recently run a registry cleaner and now seem unable to run Adobe Flash Player in IE. The programme appears to be on my system as when I go into add/remove programmes I can see the blank icon there but it does not work. I will get a message asking me to install the latest version again and again.The installation seems to download ok but only lasts a short while until the system will crash and I have to start over. I am running Windows Vista and Internet Explore 9. I have Google Chrome also and I seem to be able to run things fine on this but prefer to use IE as my default browser. I have tried uninstalling Flash Player manually but nothing seems to work. I am at my wits end and just about ready to scrap my entire system as it has not worked properly since running the registry cleaner which I had hoped was going to tune my computer to enable it to run better.