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    Encore a good choice for authoring Blu-ray videos with complex menus?


      I currently use FCP X for editing videos of live band performances. I have been dissapointed in Toast Titanium for aurthoring the resulting Blu-ray videos because of the limited menu options.......I will often have 30 separate videos on a Blu-ray disk (one per song).

      I am considering buying Premiere Pro CS6 to obtain Encore because I have been told it provides more complex menu options.

      (1) Are you happy with Encore for aurthoring Blu-ray videos?

      (2) Would I also need to buy After Effects?


      I ask the 2nd question because I have watched an excellent "Authoring with Adobe Encore" tutorial here:


      These folks offer some nice looking Menu Kits


      but they use After Effects as well as Encore.


      Thanks for the help.