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    InDesign "Go To Destination" insanely buggy.


      Desperatley trying to create an interactive PDF with hair pulling frustration. Its an 18 pg doc created in InDesign. The left side of every page has a consitant nav bar with links to other section within the same PDF. I have bookmarked every relevant page and double checked the bookmarks to make sure they are connected to the correct pages. When I convert the nav elements to buttons and select the "Go To Destination", some work and some don't. I go back and re-do them all again. Now the ones that worked before dont work now but the other ones do. I have yet to find any rhyme to reason to why some work and some don't. I cant for the life of me get them all to work correctly. The closest I came was getting 7 out of 8 working. Tried to reset the 8th one and two more broke even though I didnt change anything on the two that actually worked previously.

      What is the trick to get this to work consistantly?

      Its InDesign CS5.5, Acrobat X Pro 10.1.4 on a Mac running OS X v10.7.4

      Thanks for any help.