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    for loop to track mouse movements

      I'm trying several different ways of having a window close when you rollOut of the swfs stage area when the piece is sitting on a page. Right now it'll work fine with just one button the same size as the stage but the problem is that I've got other buttons sitting on top of the large one. Again, even with those the window will close correctly but only if the mouse is moving slowly. If you are moving your cursor from one side of the screen to the other in a quick fashion and happen to momentarily trigger the window to open and it snags a secondary button it doesn't register the rollout in time to close so the window stays open when you're no longer in the swf.

      I am no good working with for loops. Is there a method to have a loop constantly watch the x/y positions of the cursor and if they go outside (or just shy) of the stage boundries, it would initiate the actions I need?

      Any help would be appreciated.