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    Touch Swipe in Edge

    hazyturtle Level 1

      I used the script from TimJaramillo for my edge file and it worked!!



      But I still can't figure out where to put sym.playReverse() code.

      Can someone tell me exactly where to place the sym.play() or sym.playReverse() code, if I simply wanted the animation to play forwards or backwards when swiped left or right?


      Also, is there a way to speed up the swipe action. It's alittle slow.



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          TimJaramillo Level 4

          Hey turle, I sent you a PM, but I'll post here as well.


          You would put the sym.play(); here:


          this.onSwipeLeft = function()


                    if( this.activeAnim > 1 )







          You would put the sym.playReverse(); here:


          this.onSwipeRight = function()


                    if( this.activeAnim < this.animCount )







          Hope that helps!

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            hazyturtle Level 1

            Thanks it worked!!!


            1 more question, and I promise not to bug you anymore today.


            The effect I'm creating is a car spinning at 360 degrees. I'm using 12 car images. The finger swipe works well. But do you know of a way to do a "continuous finger slide". So instead of swipe-swipe-swiping to the next image. You glide you finger across & watch the car spin?


            Thanks again.

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              TimJaramillo Level 4

              Hi Turtle,


              In order to scrub your timeline via a finger slide, you can use a little math to compare the ratio of these 2 props:

              1) user's touch position in relation to stage width (or the width of your slide area)

              2) playhead position in relation to the car's timeline length.


              Here's the meat of that equation:

              sym.animScrubPosition = (sym.scrollThumbXPos/sym.stageWidth) * sym.animTimelineLength;


              Note: sym.scrollThumbXPos is set on Stage/touchstart and Stage/touchmove.


              Here is an example (try on touch device):



              And source:



              Let me know how it goes!


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                hazyturtle Level 1

                Thank you sooo much. I ran into some problems because I added this new code to your previous code. Now nothing is working.

                I wanted my car to do both actions....swipe & glide.


                The new code uses a container, old code used the labels. I tried putting a 12 symbols (cars) into a container, but it still didn't work.


                But I understand your code, just need time to play with it. I'm new to Adobe Edge, so it might take a while.

                Thanks soo much for your help.

                I really appreciate it.

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                  TimJaramillo Level 4

                  Hmmm, are you saying you want to use swipe for both play/playReverse the timeline, as well as to scrub the timeline? It seems like those 2 interactions will conflict- unless you set up a separate area on stage for each of the interactions ...

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                    hazyturtle Level 1

                    I actually like the way it's working now, without the scrub. But I added some buttons to my layout, and now I think that's interferring with my swipe. It's not smooth & fast like it was without all the buttons.


                    PLUS, it's taking alot longer to load now.

                    My swipe seems to take about 40+ seconds before your able to swipe.

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                      TimJaramillo Level 4

                      Hey turtle, there must be a bug somewhere, the Stage.touchevent should be able to be triggered as soon as the stage content is visible.


                      Have you tried viewing your animation in-browser, with the javascript console open? To check for errors?

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                        hazyturtle Level 1

                        No bugs. No errors. Could it be the js?

                        I'll email you my link.

                        But after I noticed how slow my page loaded, I looked at your example swipe2.html file on the ipad, and it loads super slow too.

                        I thought maybe it was because I used 12 car images, but your file just uses straight 1,2,3 txt.



                        Let me send you my URL.


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                          Jerry Witt Level 2

                          Have either of you (or anyone else) played with swipe-specific jQuery libraries like http://www.jqtouch.com/ or iscroll (http://cubiq.org/iscroll-4). I wonder if these offer smoother moves or just more overhead.

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                            Hi Tim,


                            This was a great example, thank you it's tought me alot using swipe with edge animate. Any examples that can use drag with mouse and swipe? Also i noticed that iPad still tries to do other gestures while swiping on safari.


                            Is there an easy way to disable all iPad gestures other than what you have coded in edge?

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                              TimJaramillo Level 4

                              Hi Anthony,


                              I don't have an example on hand, but you can add mouse-swiping by transferring the "touchstart" event to "mousedown", and "touchend" event to "mouseup". And on those events, you'd use "e.pageX", instead of "touch.pageX".


                              To disable other gestures on iPad, be sure to include "e.preventDefault();" on "touchstart", "touchend" events, and you might want to add it to the "touchmove" event if you're still having that issue.

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                                designedbyjackley Level 1

                                Hey Tim,


                                I tried your mouse-swiping suggestion by changing "e.pageX", instead of "touch.pageX" but couldn't get it to work ... Is there something else that I need to change?



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                                  TimJaramillo Level 4

                                  Hi there, you'd do something like this:


                                  if ( e.pageX == undefined ) {

                                            var touch = e.originalEvent.touches [0] || e.originalEvent.changedTouches [0];

                                                     sym.getComposition().getStage().swipeEndX = touch.pageX;// (swipeEndX is defined as sym.swipeEndX on Stage.compositionReady)



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                                    designedbyjackley Level 1

                                    Thats exactly what I have and the touch swipes are working perfectly its the mouse (on desktop) swipes that are not registering at all ... changed touch.pageX to e.pageX and still nothing

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                                      TimJaramillo Level 4

                                      For desktop, see this example (this has touch and mouse swipe):








                                      // code on Stage.mousedown:

                                      sym.getComposition().getStage().swipeStartX = e.pageX;


                                      // code on Stage.mouseup:

                                      sym.getComposition().getStage().swipeEndX = e.pageX;


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                                        This might be just what I am looking for - I am a school teacher, making very simple 'flipbook' animations with young students - in the past we have animted these in Flash, but this is complex for them to do - animate is easier, using a mousemove, but I would really like this to scrub on touch screen devices as well - can you help please?


                                        (I am not too technical...)    http://www.rosswallis.org/animate_scrubs/clara/test%20animation.html

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                                          Tim, just letting you know that this really helped me out on a project today. I have a wheel-of-furtune styled wheel UI that needed to rotate via Swipe Up/Swipe Down, and this code helped me get there! Thank you

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                                            TimJaramillo Level 4

                                            Awesome Bill, glad to be of help! Good luck with your project!

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                                              yannick_lix3 Level 1

                                              Hello, im make a swipetouch Vertical, with your code, but have a bug. When i have some button with action on it, it was not able to click on.

                                              to code is on the Stage.onmoveStart...etc.


                                              I trying to put the trigger on a other symbol, but still not working for my button.

                                              Did you know a  solution ?? Thanks

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                                                TimJaramillo Level 4

                                                Hi there, it's hard to say why your button is not working, without seeing an example of the issue. Can you post/PM me a link to a simplified version of your source files?


                                                A good place to start would be to add an 'alert' to your button's click event, to see if that's even firing. Then try to follow the trail and find out where things are stopping. Be sure to use your browser's console log to check for javascript errors as well.


                                                alert('on button click');

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                                                  yannick_lix3 Level 1

                                                  Here is the link, work on desktop, but mobile or ipad no.



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                                                    TimJaramillo Level 4

                                                    Are you using Edge Animate for this touch interaction, or is this raw javascript?

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                                                      yannick_lix3 Level 1

                                                      the exemple is only js.

                                                      but this exemple is in edge



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                                                        JRHall Level 1

                                                        Hi Tim,


                                                                  this.onSwipeLeft = function()


                                                                            if( this.activeAnim > 1 )








                                                        Can I change this to work as onSwipeUp onSwipeDown?


                                                        Instead of Left and Right?

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                                                          Hello TimJaramillo,


                                                          I'm trying out your beautiful code, but unfortunately I can not get the SwipeDown function to work at all.




                                                          My current stage code is as following:



                                                          Would be great if you could take a quick look.




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                                                            Henry Code Level 1

                                                            Hi guys,

                                                            I used simple swipeleft, swipe right on the stage .

                                                            swipeleft , sym.playReverse();

                                                            swiperight sym.pla();


                                                            It works but sometimes  it skips one stop trigger  . So It scrolls what are two pages on the timeline.

                                                            Can I enter a code to stop at one stop trigger only or a time RESTRICTION allowed between two swipes?


                                                            THANK YOU...

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                                                              g.bollmann Level 1

                                                              I'd guess you could either put in a dummy trigger, or use the true/false argument. True = recognize the trigger; false = disregard trigger.


                                                              It goes something like: sym.play("label", true);

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                                                                Topu252 Level 1

                                                                Hi Timjaramillo,


                                                                I have used your code in my parallax touchmove scroll project that moves a stage/timeline play head with touch, everything worked perfectly but client insists that my touchmove direction must match the animation direction (basically, he wants dragging, not scrolling, when you scroll a window, the scroll bar go right as content go left, its natural right?). However, all my animations are based on timeline so I have no alternative but move the timeline by reverse touchmove to meet his demand.

                                                                A big thanks for your superb code. Can you do me another favor and alter your code in any manner that would allow me to swipe/move the stage in the same direction of swipe? I mean my timeline would run from 0ms point, but my touch swipe that would control it, would be from right to left..backwards.


                                                                Here's you code...

                                                                    //on composition ready...




                                                                    sym.stageWidth = sym.$('Stage').width();

                                                                    sym.animTimelineLength = 6000;



                                                                    sym.onSwipe = function(pos)


                                                                    sym.scrollThumbXPos = pos;


                                                                     // scrub to corresponding anim frame





                                                                    sym.getScrubPos = function() {

                                                                    //this.scrollThumbXOffsetPos = sym.scrollThumbXPos - this.scrollThumbXPosMin;

                                                                    sym.animScrubPosition = (sym.scrollThumbXPos/sym.stageWidth) * sym.animTimelineLength;


                                                                    return sym.animScrubPosition;



                                                                    //on touchmove event...



                                                                    if ( e.pageX == undefined ) {

                                                                    var touch = e.originalEvent.touches [0] || e.originalEvent.changedTouches [0];

                                                                    sym.getComposition().getStage().onSwipe( touch.pageX );



                                                                Thanks a lot.