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    Button linking from a back page to a front page.

    Peter B. Bailey Level 1

      I've created a button rectangle on my master page. In the document pages, I want each of them to link to a previous page in the document. What I have is descriptive material at the front of the document, with programming code at the end of the document. For each description in the front, there's a link to the code for it at the back. That's working fine. But, I want to be able to jump back to that descriptive page from the back code pages quickly. And, that's not working. When I open my file in Acrobat, the link characteristics of the "good" links in front show "link properties." But, when I check the properties of one of my back links, it just says "create link." It's obviously not respecting the link I made in InDesign for those back links. I'm doing text anchor links. Is there a problem linking to text that precedes where I am in the document??