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    Pan and Zoom in Premiere Elements 10

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      I had a recent shoot where we were filming people talking  around a conference room table.  I looks a bit stagnant to me and I was hoping to now  start off by zooming on the people on the left hand side and then slowly pan  to the right  and then pull back to show the whole table.  But here is my challenge.  All of the tutorials I watched for the pan and zoom tool only show how to use this feature on a still.  Is it possible  to add a pan and a zoom out to a video? If so , i can't figure out how . For example, if you are creating multiples pans and zooms in a still, everytime you hit "new frame"  a new window appears that goes up sequentially by 1. But with a video, nothing happends when you hit "new frame"  


      Any feedback woud be greatly appeciated!

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          Akshat B Adobe Employee



          On videos only one focus frame is possible at one position of CTI. I am giving an example to create multiple focus frames in video.


          1. Move the CTI(Cureent time indicator) to 1.00 second--> Create a New Frame

          2. Move the CTI to 3 seconds--> Create another focus frame


          Note that you cannnot create two or more focus frames at 1st or 3rd seconds. Clicking New frame button will shift the already created focus frame to default position. I hope this solves your problem.