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    How do I place a document that will require a text frame to span multiple pages?


      I am working on an informational flyer, and have a word doc that contains 3 or 4 pages of text that I want to merge into my flyer. No matter what I try, when using Place (Command-B), I cannot get the resulting text frame to automatically create new pages as needed. I have checked the "Smart Text Reflow"option n preferences, and unchecked the "Limit to Primary Text Frames" option. Out of deparation, I even created a blank text frame, turned on auto-sizing for that frame, and copied Command-V) the text in, but it did not fare any better. I would prefer not to have to break the text into chunnks and put it into separate text frames on each succeeding page. Any ideas?


      I am using CS6 on a new MacBook Pro, running OS X Mountain Lion with 16GB of RAM.