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    Using Content Conveyor/Place and Link w/Tables


      I am creating several documents that will be in both horizontal and vertical orientations.


      I am using the vertical orientation as my parent document and using Place and Link via the Content Conveyor in order to get my copy into my second document for the horizontal orientation. I think use liquid layout to format these objects, text boxes and tables into this horizontal layout.


      At this point, in order to not waste space, it is necessary that I resize my table cells (these pages consist of an image, headline copy, footer copy, and a table). Whenever I make a change to the parent file and then update the child file, my table cells are resized to the formatting of the cells from the parent file. I have "size and shape" checked under the table's link options and yet it is still resizing the column widths and row heights even though the changes I made to the parent file is a small amount of copy in one of the cells. (For testing purposes, I've just been adding a few random letters into one of the cells and then updating the child to see how it reacts).


      Anything I can try to get this to work properly?