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    A rough guideline on where to spend your money with a new system

    Harm Millaard Level 7

      Many questions are asked about building a new system and often I see proposals for rather 'unbalanced' systems. We all know that the perfomance of a system is determined by its weakest link. This means you have to weigh each and every major component in perspective to its cost and performance. To put it in another way, it makes no sense to install a Formula 1 engine in a Beetle. The brakes, transmission and the body are simply not suited for that engine. Same with a computer. You need to have all major components in 'balance' to get the best BFTB (bang-for-the-buck).


      With far over 1000+ data submissions in our PPBM5 Benchmark we feel pretty confident to give you a rough guideline on what makes a balanced system. It may help you avoid overspending on a certain component where it would be a waste of money and give you only marginal benefits, not worth the price. So I made a simple guideline for three completely different systems, one a reasonably 'Economical' system for around $ 2K, another 'Warrior' system for around $ 5K and finally a 'Monster' system for around $ 7.5K.


      It does not really matter where your budget ends, the main and very important issue is that you have to realize that a balanced system will take a giant bite out of that budget just for disk setup, at least 35%, more than the CPU, mobo and memory combined.


      Take a look at the bottom of this page for the graph that shows it all: PPBM6 Latest News