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    Problems with capturing


      I have a Sony HDR-HC3E and was wondering where I can find the best setup to capture the videos on my tape.


      I have tried  PAL > AVCHD > HD 1080i 25 at the settings under New Project.


      But when viewing the video on the timeline I periodically get green flashes across the screen and some large areas where the screen is pixelated. The original tape is not damaged in any way.


      I would be grateful of any pointers.


      Many thanks,



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          JMJarrige Level 2

          I think your camcorder is an HDV one, as my HDR HC9E.

          I use the settings Pal/HDV.


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            Mark3807054 Level 1


            I've tried that but I still get the pixelated screen.

            track day clear copy.jpg

            then a millisecond later I get this

            track day red pixels copy.jpg

            There is nothing wrong with the source but as you can see it ruins the video.


            Any further suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



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              JMJarrige Level 2

              I think you could try another way to capture video :

              - if you are on Windows, you could use windows movie maker which is available on XP and Vista and

              pre-installed often, or you can load it on Win7. Or Windows live movie maker.

              - if you are on Mac, iMovie captures perfectly HDV and recognizes the camcorder.

              If you get same results, maybe it will be linked to your firewire card.

              If everything works fine, you may then import the video in Premiere Elements for video editing,

              to have a workaround...

              Bonne chance.

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                Mark3807054 Level 1


                I tried your suggestion and imported the video using windows movie maker.

                I encountered a problem using PE10 when I used the Get Media > Get Videos/Photos/Audio from: Files and Folders

                I then selected the video and a small window with Add Media appears in the centre of the screen. That is as far as I can get as PE10 states under task manager that it is not responding.

                Considering I have a camcorder (Sony HDR-HC3E connected via firewire) that is supported by PE10 I'm not impressed by the way it distortes the original.

                Any further suggestions would be appreciated.


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                  JMJarrige Level 2

                  I suppose you captured the videos by the firewire link.

                  If the viewing of the files by windows movie maker are OK, it will be a problem

                  with PREL perhaps linked to the video driver of your PC.

                  You could then contact Adobe support, by phone or internet. I used a chat with

                  one of their support people to solve an issue I had, it worked.

                  Sorry not to be able to help you more.